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  • Bill Shorten says inequality threatens Australia's economy and social cohesion
    Labor leader says a ‘sense of powerlessness that drives people away from the mainstream’ is creating a fault line in politicsThe Labor leader, Bill Shorten, will use a speech on Friday to argue the country needs a new focus on inequality, because growing inequality threatens the health of the economy and societal cohesion in Australia.Shorten […]
  • Grayling sparks fury by scrapping rail electrification plans
    Government accused of ‘years of broken promises’ after dropping schemes to make network faster and greenerPlans to make the railway network faster, greener and cleaner by electrifying lines have been scrapped by the government after massive budget overruns, prompting fury at “years of broken promises”.The plans to modernise the line from Cardiff to Swansea, the […]
  • 'Change or die': aid charities told to stop competing for funds or face extinction
    As global power and resources shift away from traditional bastions, researchers warn major aid organisations will be sidelined by 2030 unless they change tackBig aid charities must “change or die” over the next 15 years, according to a report that urges a major shift in focus and an end to rivalry. The organisations must be […]
  • Linda Harvey obituary
    My sister Linda Harvey and I would often discuss the world’s problems, feeling they were totally beyond our power to rectify, but every now and then Linda, who has died aged 77, would seize hold of an issue – the Biafran famine of the late 1960s was the first I remember – and refuse to […]
  • How will the Brexit negotiations affect your life?
    If you’re a British citizen in an EU country or an EU citizen in Britain, we want to know what impact the Brexit process is having on your lifeDivisions between the EU and UK positions on Brexit have emerged as three and a half days of intense talks in Brussels come to an end. Related: […]
  • Britons living in Europe could lose right to live in another EU country
    Threat of potential restriction on UK citizens after Brexit emerges at end of intense technical talks in BrusselsBritish people living in the European Union could lose the right to live in another EU member state after Brexit, it emerged at the end of talks in Brussels.British officials raised the issue with their European counterparts during […]
  • Best photographs of the day: a sleeping monkey in China and fire in California
    The Guardian’s picture editors bring you a selection of photo highlights from around the world, including synchronised swimming in Budapest and a wedding in Hanoi Continue reading...
  • EU calls on UK to urgently make offer on divorce bill
    EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, says he needs to know what Britain is willing to pay before talks can move forwardThe EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, says Britain must urgently make an offer on its divorce bill if negotiations are to make any significant progress. Related: UK and EU must compromise over Brexit divorce […]
  • Donald Trump Jr faces Russia grilling live on TV, but what will they ask?
    Senate judiciary committee will want to know what happened when the president’s son met Russian individuals with dirt to dish on Hillary ClintonThe investigation into possible Russian collaboration with the Trump campaign to skew the outcome of the 2016 US presidential election moves another step closer to the incumbent in the Oval Office next Wednesday […]
  • First same-sex marriage at Anglican church in UK to be held this summer
    St Mary’s Cathedral in Glasgow will conduct wedding ceremony for couple from England, provost saysThe first same-sex marriage at an Anglican church in the UK is expected to take place in Glasgow later this summer.St Mary’s Cathedral has become the first in the country to be given permission to conduct gay weddings, a month after […]
  • Salvador Dalí's remains due to be exhumed to settle paternity case
    Stone slab above his grave in Figueres will be removed on Thursday evening to allow experts to take DNA samplesThe remains of Salvador Dalí are due to be exhumed on Thursday evening, almost three decades after his death, to help settle a long-running paternity claim from a 61-year-old fortune-teller who insists she is the Spanish […]
  • Berlin to change policy towards Turkey as German citizen is held
    Foreign ministry also issues travel warning after Turkish authorities detain human rights activist for alleged terrorist activityGermany’s foreign minister has announced a significant “reorientation” of its policy towards Turkey after a human rights activist became the latest German citizen to be detained for alleged terrorist activity.“We need our policies towards Turkey to go in a […]
  • Sierra Leone: teenage girls are dying from unsafe abortions and risky pregnancies
    Abortion is illegal in Sierra Leone, with one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy in the world. Attitudes need to change to save the lives of young girlsI recently saw a girl in clinic with terrible complications following a caesarean section. The operation had been botched and she had an infection around her uterus. […]
  • French-Dutch culture clash revealed in leaked Air France-KLM report
    French staff say KLM colleagues think only of money, while Dutch see Air France workers as aloof, report saysA clash of national cultures and an inability to understand each other’s languages threatens to make the merged Air France-KLM group of airlines unmanageable, according to a leaked internal company report.French staff in the Franco-Dutch company complain […]
  • Scale of pangolin slaughter revealed – millions hunted in central Africa alone
    Pangolins are the world’s most trafficked wild mammal and decimated Asian populations have sharply shifted the focus of exploitation to AfricaThe true scale of the slaughter of pangolins in Africa has been revealed by new research showing that millions of the scaly mammals are being hunted and killed.Pangolins were already known to be the world’s […]
  • Mustafa Tlass obituary
    Controversial Syrian defence minister and pillar of the Ba’ath party who was unerringly loyal to Hafez al-Assad, the president for more than three decadesHe called the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat “the son of 60,000 whores”, charged Jordan with “Judaising” its citizens, accused Turkey of collaborating with “the enemies of the Arabs” and blamed the Israeli […]
  • DRC: vast business network of president who won't step down revealed
    All the President’s Wealth report may help explain why Joseph Kabila, who was due to leave presidency last year, argues DRC cannot afford to hold electionsThe president currently clinging to power in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and his family have a vast network of businesses reaching into almost every sector of the country’s […]
  • 'They threw us into the street': Cubans tell of struggles to enter US
    Since Obama ended the ‘wet-foot, dry-foot’ preferential treatment, 1,000 Cuban migrants have gathered in Nuevo Laredo to try to gain US citizenshipAna and Víctor arrived worn out and weary on an early morning bus and made their way straight for the bridge across the Rio Grande into Texas. The Cuban couple headed toward the US […]
  • John McCain has been diagnosed with brain cancer, says spokesman
    Statement reveals brain tumor known as glioblastoma was removed along with blood clot above senator’s left eye during surgery last FridayJohn McCain, the Arizona senator and former Republican presidential candidate, has been diagnosed with brain cancer.A brain tumor known as a glioblastoma was removed from McCain along with a blood clot in a surgery at […]
  • US ends controversial laptop ban on flights from Middle East
    Block affecting nine airlines flying from 10 airports is lifted, but restrictions remain on flights from region to UKThe United States has ended a four-month ban on passengers carrying laptops onboard US-bound flights from certain airports in the Middle East and North Africa, bringing to an end one of the controversial travel restrictions imposed by […]

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