What do campaign directors say to Super Delegates in order to bribe them to pick them?

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What do campaign directors say to Super Delegates in order to bribe them to pick them?


You can buy a Presidential election if you bribe Super Delegates. It used to cost about $37,000.00 per delegate to bribe yourself one. Times have changed, though, with everything being hacked, the risks are greater. Super Delegates now demand at least $50,000.00 apiece.

Opposing parties can bribe them too. If Hillary says she has all of the North Dakota Delegates, at $52K a pop, Donald Trump’s people could come in, right behind her, and offer them $65K each to switch to supporting Deez Nuts.


Here are the typical bribes:


Pitch One: “Do it for the Party” (Or we will black list you)


Pitch Two: “We will give you a consulting gig on our foundation” or, “One of our campaign backers will give you a consulting gig on one of his foundations”


Pitch Three: “Goldman Sachs will give you some Google stock”


Pitch Four: “One of our venture capitalists will let you buy some stock warrants on the cheap”


Pitch Five: “We will hire your daughter when we get elected”


Pitch Five: “We will announce some fake Department of Energy or Department of Interior ‘funding program’ which, coincidentally, only you will qualify for (wink wink)”


Pitch Six: “We will make you ambassador of Flunkistan”


Pitch Seven: “We will get you lots of hot front desk interns (ie: Hookers) for your Washington office”


Pitch Eight: “Our VC’s own 2/3 of the domestic media coverage. We will push your dumb tech product in their news coverage, and have them not cover your competitors”


Pitch Nine: “Put your hand under the table. Take this envelope full of cash”


Pitch ten: “Put your hand under the table and grab this…”


Pitch Eleven: “We will tell everybody you are secretly gay if you don’t do it.”


Pitch Twelve: “Our secret family trust will sell you their tech stock, which we got insider deals on, for pennies on the dollar and then, when we are elected, we will control the Federal Reserve and we will have them rig the stock market for your stock and you will make billions.”

There are many more options. All dirty.

Campaign directors, and their associates, are dispatched across America to have little meetings with delegates and their ”agents”.

The conversations, which might be recorded by the FBI, O’Keefe, or news outlets ,use innuendo and drug-dealer type talk to imply things and never be specific. There is actually quite a bit of winking involved.

Most dirty deals happen on golf courses because Golf Courses are the hardest to bug. FYI: Find the politician who spends the most time on golf courses and you will have found your most corrupt elected official.


p class=”MsoNormal”>“Super Delegates” are one of the greatest corruptions of the political system. As 2016 approaches, keep an eye out for shenanigans.